.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Money Heist Season 5 will premiere on September 3, 2021. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@pedroalonsoochoro)

  • Season 5's Part 2 will be the end of Netflix's popular crime-drama Money Heist
  • The teaser trailer does not reveal much about the upcoming episodes
  • It will be interesting to see whether the Professor and his gang will make it out alive or not

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Netflix confirmed that Sex Education will return for season 4. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ Sex Education)

  • The teaser of Madhuri Dixit starrer series 'Finding Anamika' was released
  • A new scary clip from the fourth season of sci-fi horror series 'Stranger Things' was unveiled
  • Chris Hemsworth announced that he is back with 'Extraction 2'

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Lionel Rodrigo in action as Palermo in Money Heist (Photo Credits: Twitter/@lacasadepapel)

  • The character is played by Lionel Rodrigo Chevalier.
  • He is the mastermind behind the heist at the Bank of Spain.
  • He untied Gandia and became a rival of the gang for a short time

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The Professor and Alicia Sierra in Money Heist (Photo Credits: Instagram/@najwannimri)

  • Alicia Sierra could switch sides and join the Professor.
  • She could also be trying to win his trust to collect evidence against him.
  • The Professor performed her delivery as she gave birth to her daughter, Victoria

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra in Money Heist (Photo Credits: Instagram/@lacasadepapel)

  • Alicia Sierra is played by 49-year-old Najwa Nimri
  • She is the best match for the Professor in terms of wit and can beat him at his own game.
  • It remains to be seen whether she will switch sides in the final chapter or not.

.Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Doppelganger of Money Heist's Professor was found working in a local store  
  • The shopkeeper has same facial features and eyeglasses, as the Professor
  • The show's last season released on Netflix last week

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Darko Peric as Helsinki in Money Heist (Photo Credit: Instagram/@darkoperich)

  • Helsinki is a Serbian war veteran who joined the gang with his cousin Oslo.
  • He had to kill his cousin in the second season.
  • Nairobi was in love with him but he is in love with Palermo.

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Lisbon in Action in Money Heist (Photo Credit: Instagram/@itziarituno)

  • Lisbon is the Professor's love interest in Money Heist.
  • She becomes his right hand while planning the heist at the Bank of Spain.
  • From being incharge of stopping the heist to swithing sides, she has seen it all. 

(Photo credit: Twitter/@lacasadepapel)

  • Arturo Roman was the head of the Royal Mint of Spain
  • Arturo is a coward who attempts to avoid serious repercussions by delegating responsibility to others
  • He's also a sexist narcissist who believes he has a right to women's bodies

(Photo credit: Twitter/@lacasadepapel)

  • Nairobi, as played by actor Alba Flores was a specialist in forging and counterfeiting
  • She gave his son the name Axel
  • Nairobi was kidnapped, tortured, and finally shot in the head