Los Angeles, Aug 4 (PTI) Actor Kerry Washington will play the lead role in the feature adaptation of author Diane Cardwell’s memoir "Rockaway".

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Hellfire Club (Photo credit: Twitter/@Stranger_Things)

  • Four more stars were added to the cast on June 6
  • The casting announcements and character descriptions give us at least a few hints
  • Season 4 release date is yet to be announced  

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Season 4 is coming soon (Photo credit: Instagram/@strangerthingstv)

  • The fourth season's cast and crew had already begun filming before the COVID-19 pandemic
  • It's the season's scale and the multi-settings of season four
  • The last season premiered on July 4, 2019, more than two years ago

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Girl Squad (Photo credit: Instagram/@nbcbrooklyn99)

  • The show has brought up relevant issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia
  • The 8th and final season, premiering in August of this year
  •  Social issues were discussed without preaching and losing its wits

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Shocking plot twists (Photo credit: Instagram/@lacasadepapel)

  • It is time to address some of the theories that may form the crux of the show
  • Season four of the series ended on an unexpected cliffhanger
  • Five plausible developments for that deserve your attention

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Get ready for the final battle ( Photo credit: Instagram/@lacasadepapel)

  • Money Heist has characters that you either love or despise
  • They've been evolving in exciting and unexpected ways throughout the show 
  • The final season trailer was released on August 2 

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Always fight, Never surrender (Photo credit: Twitter/@lacasadepapel)

  • Netflix released the 90-second first teaser for the first part of season 5 
  • Volume 1 of Part 5 is packed with high-octane combat sequences
  • Money Heist Part 5 will be released in two parts, the first on September 3rd

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B99 coffee time (Photo credit: Instagram/@nbcbrooklyn99)

  • The characters have demonstrated their love for one another
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters have a lot of chemistry
  • Final season is coming soon

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Bella Ciao (Photo Credit: Instagram/@lacasadepapel)

  • The show has had four successful seasons so far
  • The final season will be released on September 3
  • Both volumes will also contain a total of five episodes

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Plan París (Photo credit: Twitter/@lacasadepapel)

  • It's not game over just yet
  • We can't wait to see the many loose ends tied up 
  • Season 4 picked up right where season 3 left off