#New York Yankees

.New York, NY, USA
A lot of sporting mega-sites are being converted into such vaccination centres. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the offer in a letter sent to President Joe Biden on Thursday
  • "Each NFL team will make its stadium available for mass vaccinations," the letter read
  •  Already seven NFL teams have made their stadiums available as vaccination sites.

.Bronx, NY, USA
The stadium will be operational as a vaccination centre later this week (Photo Credit: Twitter @yankeestadium)

  • People of Hispanic origin, who represent 30% of the population, have only received 15% of the jabs
  • The black community makes up 25% of the city's population but have only received 11% of the doses
  • The stadium will have 15,000 doses available for the first week

.Cincinnati, OH, USA
Joe Morgan scored 1,650 runs, 689 bases and 268 homers in his 22-year career. (Photo credit: Twitter/@Reds)

  • Morgan was a two-time NL Most Valuable Player
  • He won the World Series Championship two times
  • Joe Morgan was suffering from a nerve condition, a form of polyneuropathy