.United States
Joyner Lucas accused Karen Civil of stealing his money in 2016 as well. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@joynerlucas)

  • Joyner Lucas gave her the money in 2015 for consultant work 
  • The singer took to social media to level those allegations
  • Civil responded to the allegations by denying any wrongdoing

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
American rapper Nicki Minaj. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@nickiminaj)

  • Earlier in the week, Nicki Minaj said she will take the vaccine "once I’ve done enough research"
  • She missed Met Gala 2021 as the event had a vaccine mandate
  • The WH said that they’ve offered such calls with others concerned about the vaccine

American rapper Nicki Minaj. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@nickiminaj)

  • Fauci called Nicki Minaj's claims a "one-off anectode"
  • Minaj said she had not taken the COVID vaccine as she didn't have "enough research"
  • Minaj claimed the vaccine causes issues with an individual's reproductive health

.New York, NY, USA
Zendaya has been a frequent Met Gala attendee. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • The Met Gala 2021 official kicked off late on Monday night
  • Few of the biggest stars are set to give the "fashion's biggest night out" a miss
  • Here are some of the big Hollywood names who won't be walking the carpet

.New York, NY, USA
Nicki Minaj revealed she had contracted COVID-19. (Photo Credit: Instagram/nickiminaj)

  • Nicki Minaj said she doesn't want to take COVID-19 vaccination shots just for the event
  • She will take the vaccine "once I feel I’ve done enough research"
  • Minaj also posted bizarre instances to defend why she hadn't taken the vaccine

.California, USA
Nicki Minaj is two-time American Music Awards winner. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

  • A son sees his father abusing his mother, he’ll think that’s normal, she said 
  • And then the daughter sees her mother being submissive, she added 
  • Carol has released a part-memoir, part self-help guide titled ‘Leaving My Pain’