.Beijing, China
China has 47 nuclear plants. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • A French nuclear firm Framatome, last month, sought US' support to asses a report of leak at a nuclear plant in China
  • The firm said China was raising acceptable limits for radiation outside the facility in order to avoid having to shut it down
  • China has denied the claim and US also believes there is no crisis yet

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) tracks nuclear arsenals worldwide.. (Photo credit: Representational image/pixabay)

  • Nuclear arsenals decline seems to have stalled, researchers say
  • The number of nukes among the nine nuclear-armed states has decreased
  • Russia and the US together possess over 90% of the world's nuclear weapons

European nuclear sites were exposed online, the report said.(Representational/Pixabay)

  • The report found one set of 70 flashcards on Chegg, entitled "Study!", with exact shelters containing nuclear weapons
  • A set of 80 cards on the Cram flashcard site detailed hot and cold vaults at Aviano Air Base in Italy
  • The flashcards Bellingcat discovered were publicly available as far back as 2013

.Jaitapur, Maharashtra, India
Construction of the plant faced opposition from the local inhabitants since the idea was first floated around 20 years back. (Photo credit: Representational image/Unsplash)

  • The nuclear plant will be set up in Jaitapur in western India
  • Once finished, the facility would provide 10 gigawatts (GW) of electricity
  • Construction is expected to take 15 years

.Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (Photo Credit: PTI File)

  • IAEA verified Iran's 60% uranium enrichment
  • Iran had reached 20% when it was supposed to be 3.67%
  • Enrichment was done as a response to the blast at the  at Natanz

Joe Biden said US is pleased that Iran is engaging in discussions. (Photo Credits: AFP)

  • Biden said too early to know if  indirect talks would succeed
  • State Department said the US delegation to remain in Vienna
  • Iran first wants the US to lift sanctions

.Tokyo, Japan
Japan has announced that it will be releasing more than one million tonnes of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea.(Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The decision has raised concerns from South Korea, environmental groups and also the fishing industry
  • Radioactive water has been accumulating at the plant since the 2011 nuclear disaster
  • Process of filterartion makes the water far below the levels of international safety guidelines for nuclear plant waste: Japan

.Tokyo, Japan
About 1.25 million tonnes of water has accumulated in tanks over the years at the nuclear plant. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Japan's PM Yoshihide Suga called the decision an "inevitable task"
  • It was supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Local fishing communities fear that releasing the water will cause people to not trust or eat seafood

.Natanz, Isfahan Province, Iran
Iran said the response to the attack would be "revenge on the Zionist regime". (Photo Credit: Twitter/ Hassan Rouhani)

  • Iran indirectly accused Israel of attempting to scuttle talks underway in Vienna 
  • The Vienna talks are aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal
  • Iran earlier said that the Natanz nuclear facility was hit by a terrorist act

.Natanz, Isfahan Province, Iran
Iran President Hassan Rouhani again underlined that Tehran's nuclear programme is solely for "peaceful" purposes. . (Picture Credits: President of Russia)

  • The head of the Iran Atomic Energy Organisation (IAEO), condemned a "futile" act
  • IAEO spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi had earlier reported an accident at the enrichment facility
  • Iran's President Hassan Rouhani had on Saturday inaugurated a cascade of centrifuges for enriching uranium