.Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
A vendor sells sugarcane ahead of the 'Pongal' festival in Thiruvananthapuram, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021. (PTI Photo)

  • On the occasion of Pongal, people clean their homes and make 'Kolams' or rangolis
  • Rangolis or Kolam are made as some people believe they bring luck to the house
  • From floral to classic, one can opt various designs of rangoli this Pongal

Jallikattu is scheduled to take place on January 16 in the Alanganallur town of Madurai. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ ANI)

  • Jallikattu is a traditional bull-taming sport practised in Tamil Nadu
  • The 'Muhurta Kaal' for the event was held on Sunday in Madurai
  • Only 300 bull tamers will be allowed to participate in the race this year

.Avaniapuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi while attending Jallikattu, a traditional bull taming sport in Tamil Nadu. (PTI Photo)

  • After witnessing jallikattu he got a sense of why Tamil people appreciate it, Gandhi said
  • 'Tamil culture, Tamil language (and) Tamil history are essential for the future of India,' he said
  • BJP lashed out at the Congress leader over his visit to the temple town today

Jallikattu, in 2021, will see the traditional bull taming event taking place with all COVID-19 guidelines in place. (Photo: ANI)

  • The celebration will range from Januar y 13 to January 16
  • The festivities revolve around agriculture, includign thanking divinity for a good harvest
  • The Tamil Nadu governement has turned beaches and certain tourist attractions off-limit for the public

A vendor sells sugarcane ahead of the 'Pongal' festival in Thiruvananthapuram, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021. (PTI Photo) (PTI01_13_2021_000117B)

  • Pongal is celebrated with great pomp and show in Southern India
  • With a country as diverse as India, festivities related to Pongal vary from state-to-state
  • Karnataka's 'Ellu Bella', and Andhra Pradesh's 'Bhogi', ceremony celebrate the harvest festival, each in its own way

.Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
This dish is offered to Goddess Laxmi and Durga during Navaratri and Varalakshmi Puja among others. (Photo Credit: PTI Photo)

  • Pongal is presented as an offering to the Almighty
  • Pongal is the name given to the savoury and sumptuous dish, which is tempered with ghee
  • Serve khara pongal with coconut chutney or pickle and you are good to go

.Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
India being an agricultural country, majority of its festivals are inclined towards nature. (Photo Credit: Representational/unsplash)

  • Pongal is basically a harvest festival that is celebrated for four days in January month
  • People after harvesting celebrate this festival with crops and cattle
  • Pongal is referred to as 'UttarayanPunyakalam' which bears special significance in Hindu mythology

.Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi would visit Tamil Nadu on January 14. (Photo Credit: Twitter/RahulGandhi)

  • Rahul Gandhi would lend his moral support to farmers protesting against the new farm laws
  • Assembly elections are due during April-May in Tamil Nadu
  • Gandhi is scheduled to arrive at Madurai by 11 am on Pongal day