#Power Cut

.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Last year's massive power outage in Mumbai was apparently a result of an online intrusion by China. (Photo Credit: Unsplash/Representative)

  • A recent report by Recorded Future has in detail reported the campaign conducted by a China-linked threat activity group
  • The company had notified the concerned Indian government departments before the publication of intrusion
  • Last year on October 12, a massive power outage happened in Mumbai due to a grid failure

.Texas, USA
President Joe Biden also stopped at a mass coronavirus vaccination centre at NRG Stadium in Texas. (Photo Credits: Twitter/@POTUS)

  • Texas saw more than 1.4 million people without power
  • A minimum of 40 people have died as a result of the storm
  • Joe Biden's climate adviser has said the deadly winter storm is a "wake-up call" for the US

.Houston, TX, USA
The power outage in Texas has claimed at least 80 lives (Photo Credit: Representational Image/ Unsplash)

  • Terry Bulger, Raymond Hepper, Peter Cramton and Sally Talberg were the members who resigned
  • The state capitol has a hearing scheduled to discuss the outages on Thursday
  • The resignations will be effective after Wednesday

.Seattle, WA, USA
Fran Goldman treaded six miles on snow with the help of walking sticks. (Photo Credit: Representational/AFP)

  • 90-year-old Fran Goldman hails from Seattle
  • She had been trying hard for months to get an appointment for her first COVID-19
  • Fran's daughter describe her as a lady with the attitude of 'You don't let a little adversity get in your way'

.Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
German auto makers Volkswagen and Audi said that the production at their plants in Central Mexico would be impacted from Thursday. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The production will be hit on Thursday and Friday due to lack of gas supplies, said VK and Audi
  • The announcement comes after Mexican Government appealed for reduction in energy usage
  • Volkswagen’s Jetta car production will be halted on Thursday and Friday

.Texas City, TX, USA
Ted Cruz flew to Cancun with his family as the southern United States. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

  • Texas has been hit with extreme cold temperatures
  • Seven million people in the state were told to boil water before consuming it
  • The state has been facing power outages from past few days

.Texas City, TX, USA
The power outage left thousands of citizens grappling with ruthless winter chills without proper heating. (Photo credit: PTI)

  • A strong winter storm caused a massive power cut in the some states of the US
  • A man from Texas shared an image of icicles hanging off a ceiling fan in the absence of heat
  • His viral post recieved worrisome reactions from the social media users

.Texas, USA
Millions of people were still without power on February 17 in Texas, the oil and gas capital of the United States. (AFP Photo)

  • The state of Texas was still without power with few facing water shortages as an unusual winter storm hit some states
  • More than 30 deaths were reported by media in the states since the cold weather arrived last week
  • The state of Texas' power companies have implemented rolling blackouts to avoid grids being overloaded 

.Pflugerville, TX, USA
The most affected is city of Pflugerville where a ‘boil water’ notice was issued on Monday.Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Citizens have been directed to boil water before any type of consumption
  • Prolonged power cut in Texas affected several water treatment plants
  • Authorities have not yet informed about any estimated time period for repairs

.Texas City, TX, USA
Power outages were experienced in Texas and north western coast of the US (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Mayor of Colorado City resigned on Wednesday amid extreme winter storm and power cuts in Texas
  • Dangerous storm has taken over large parts of the US and even extended to Mexico
  • 35 warming centers have been opened across Texas by the American Red Cross