Naomi Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam title winner and number two women's tennis player in the world.(Photo credit: AP/PTI)

  • Naomi will not take part in news conferences at the forthcoming French Open 
  • She will likely be fined up to $20,000 for every news conferences she skips
  • Naomi said she will donate the fines to mental health charities

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Joe Biden and Donald Trump contrast each other.( Photo credit: AFP)

  • The setting was the same: the East Room of the White House
  • Four years ago the East Room was overflowing
  • Because of social distancing, only about 30 journalists were allowed in the room this time

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
US President Joe Biden addressed his first press conference since assuming office in January 2021. (Photo Credit: AFP Photo)

  • The press conference was held on March 25
  • Biden said. 'I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party. Do you?'
  • He hinted at running for re-elections along with VP Kamala Harris 

President Joe Biden was addressing his first press conference. (Photo Credit: AFP File)

  • "Yes, my plan is to run for re-election. That's my expectation," he said
  • He also said that vice President Kamala Harris would be his running mate
  • "My god I miss him," Biden said laughing, talking about Donald Trump

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
President Joe Biden has not taken a formal press conference since taking office. (Photo Credit: AFP Photo)

  • The press conference on March 25 will take place more than 60 days into the President's term
  • Media outlets both on the left and right have aimed increasingly sharp attacks at the president over the delay
  • Biden does take small numbers of questions from reporters, however, during daily events