Sebastian Vettel donned a Pride shirt before the start of Hungary Grand Prix. (Photo credit: Instagram/vettelofficial)

  • Sebastian Vettel's Pride T-shirt bore the message: 'Same Love'
  • Hungary recently passed a law banning the promotion of homosexuality in schools
  • Vettel's opinions were echoed by Matt Bishop, Aston Martin's chief communications officer

.Częstochowa, Poland
The massive police presence was seen as the factor that prevented any clashes with far-right groups. (Photo Credit : AP)

  • Parades took place in Czestochowa and in Gdansk
  • Police  prevented any clashes with far-right groups
  • The Gdansk march was attended by the city's mayor and EU countries’ ambassadors. 

.Budapest, Hungary
Thousands of LGBTQ supporters who took part in the Pride march. (Photo credit: Representative image/ Unsplash)

  • India's nationalist government introduced an anti-LGBTQ law this month
  • Reports suggest that Orban government is planning a referendum on the law
  • "We are no longer in communist times," a protestor said

.Tbilisi, Georgia
Protestors carry a Tbilisi Pride banner in the pro-LGBTQ protest in the Georgian capital.( Photo credit: Twitter/@ThomasVLinge)

  • Thousands of demonstrators gathered outside parliament to denounce the violence against LGBTQ activists
  • LGBTQ activists had to call off a planned Pride march as a result of the assault
  • Critics have accused the government of tacitly supporting homophobic and nationalist groups

Czech Republic President Milos Zeman criticised for calling transgender people 'disgusting'. (Photo credit: File/AFP)

  • According to Hungarian law, all educational materials promoting homosexuality is banned
  • This LGBT law has faced repeated criticisms by the members of the European Nations
  • Hungary's position on the law has drawn doubts over whether it belongs in the European Union