Martin Bashir would never have been re-employed had his unethical methods been known, former BBC head said . (Photo Credit: Twitter/@MartinBashir)

  • A report last month found Bashir used fake bank statements to secure his sensational 1995 interview
  • An internal probe in 1996 saw Bashir reduced to tears during a 90-minute interrogation
  • Bashir's 1995 interview rocked the British monarchy

.London, UK
Princes Willian and Harry said that BBC's conduct contributed to events that let to Princess Diana's death (Source: AP/PTI)

  • BBC probe will be led by Nick Serota, independent director 
  • Diana's brother Charles Spencer was tricked into arranging for the interview, said an investigation
  • BBC said its latest review would assess the strength of "day-to-day editorial processes" 

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Princess Diana died in a Paris car crash in 1997, aged 36. (Photo Credit: AFP File)

  • Martin Bashir is a BBC journalist, who tricked Princess Diana into giving an explosive interview
  • He apologised to Princes William and Harry on Sunday
  • But said linking his actions to her death was "unreasonable"

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Princess Diana was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry (Photo credit: AFP)

  • Journalist Bashir tricked Diana into giving a 1995 BBC television interview in which she lifted the lid on her troubled marriage
  • Retired senior judge John Dyson said Bashir commissioned faked bank statements that suggested Diana was being watched
  • Bashir then showed them to Diana's brother Charles Spencer, in a succesful bid which landed him an interview with DIana

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Prince William accused BBC of failing his mother and the public.(Photo Credit: AP/PTI)

  • An independent inquiry on the episode showed "damning failings at the heart of the BBC"
  • The Culture Secretary said that further governance reforms at the BBC would be considered
  • "Unethical practices ultimately took her life", said Prince Harry about his mother's death

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. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • "I felt completely helpless," Harry said
  • Harry said that the Royal Family neglected him and wife Meghan Markle
  • Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997

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In 1995 BBC interviewed Princess Diana where she disclosed details of her crumbling marriage (Source: PTI)

  • An independent inquiry has found that BBC "covered up" the tactics used by the journalist to interview Diana
  • BBC's media editor said the report severely injured the company 
  • The BBC "fell short of the high standards of integrity and transparency", said the report 

London, May 21 (PTI) Princes William and Harry have both condemned the “deceit” that lay behind their late mother Princess Diana’s famous BBC interview over 25 years ago in which she first spoke ...

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Prince William is the Princess Diana's elder son. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ KensingtonRoyal / Screengrab)

  • Prince William said the interview worsened the relationship between his parents
  • Princess Diana's paranoia and isolation were blamed on the interview
  • Prince William said that the interview should never be aired again

.London, UK
Charles Spencer is Princess Diana's younger brother. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@cspencer1508)

  • Investigations revealed Martin Bashir used deceitful ways to get Diana to agree for an interview
  • The 1995 interview was watched by 22.8 million people in the UK
  • Diana died aged 36 in a high speed car crash in 1997