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March 3: What do you call a group of this animal?

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February 28: Which of these vitamins will you not find in eggs?

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Amazon Quiz: What type of vessel is Sagar Anveshika, launched by Union Minister for Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan? 

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February 27: Apart from Frank Sinatra, which other artist has won three Grammys for the album of the year?

26 Feburary.Kolkata
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February 26: Marking 50 years of the 1971 war, a 122-member contingent of which country's Armed Forces participated in the 2021 Republic Day parade?

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February 25: Which piece in Chess can only move diagonally?

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February 17: Apple, Amazon and Google have recently suspended which social networking app?

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February 17: Which of these is a recently released book by Ramachandra Guha?

17 Feburary

February 17: Which of these cricketers has scored a hundred, each of the three times in Test cricket that he crossed 50 runs?

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