.Washington D.C., DC, USA
On January 6, Donald Trump supporters clashed with the police and security at the Capitol Hill. (Photo credit: AP / PTI)

  • Donald Trump was suspended from Facebook and Instagram for encouraging the Capitol rioters
  • Social media giants rule are in shambles and need fixing, said co-chair of the network's oversight panel
  • Twitter permanently suspended Trump after the Capitol riot

.Virginia, USA
President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol Hill building on January 6 (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Authorities said Klein "physically and verbally engaged" with officials
  • He worked in the office of Brazillian and Southern Cone affairs
  • Klein resigned from his position on January 19, 2021

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Delegate Stacy Plaskett spoke at US Capitol where the impeachment trial of the former US President Donald Trump is being held (Photo Credit: AP/PTI)

  • The entire attack was displayed on a 'live map' of the US Capitol
  • The rioters were seen equipped baseball bats, riot shields and body armor
  • Plaskett said a few rioters "were looking to execute Mike Pence" as he was presiding over the certification of votes at the US Capitol

.St. Louis, MO, USA
The inmates also broke chairs and mattresses and tossed a stationary bike. (Photo credit: Representational/ Unsplash)

  • The incident took place at the St. Louis City Justice Center on Saturday morning
  • One of the officers was hospitalised after being attacked by the inmates
  • No inmates were injured in the incident