.Delhi, India
The police received information on Sunday from Dharamshila Hospital about the victim.

  • A 62-year-old woman died allegedly after being stabbed 20 times by a man who also sexually assaulted her
  • The incident took place in east Delhi's Dallupura village
  • The accused has been arrested

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
In 2009, actor Shiny Ahuja was accused of rape by his maid. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • TV actor Pearl V Puri, who was a part of the hit supernatural series 'Naagin', has been accused of rape by a 17-year-old minor
  •  In 2019, veteran actor Alok Nath was accused of rape by writer-producer Vinta Nanda
  • Director Madhur Bhandarkar, known for films like 'Page 3' and 'Fashion', was accused of rape by a model

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
US goth rocker Marilyn Manson was Friday hit with new allegations that he raped an ex-girlfriend. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@marilynmanson)

  • Marilyn Monson has been accused of forcing her ex-girlfriend to watch a video of him abusing a young fan
  • The new lawsuit alleges that Manson "raped and repeatedly sexually abused" Jane Doe
  • Manson allegedly showed the plaintiff a video in which he could be seen tying a young fan to a chair

.Beaverton, OR, USA
Neymar Plays for French side Paris Saint-Germain.(Photo credit: Twitter/ @neymarjr)

  • Neymar and Nike split ways last year after a company employee accused him of sexual assault
  • The alleged incident happened in 2016 and was reported to Nike in 2018
  • In August 2020, Nike ended its sponsorship deal with Neymar

.Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
According to the police all of the accused are believed to be a part of the same group. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@ANI)

  • Four accused men were taken for spot inspection
  • Two of them tried to escape and were shot by the police in their legs 
  • "A police team has been dispatched to trace the victim," a police statement read

.New York, NY, USA
Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr plays as forward for Paris Saint Germain and Brazil National team. He has faced allegations of rape and sexual assault in the past as well. (Photo credit: Twitter/ @neymarjr)

  • American giant Nike said it parted ways with Neymar as he refused to cooperate in sexual assault probe
  • The company probed an employee's claim that Neymar sexually assaulted her
  • Earlier this month, Neymar signed a contract extension with French champions Paris Saint-Germain

A video of five unidentified men torturing a young girl has gone viral on social media. (Photo credit: Opoyi)

The video showed the men thrashing and torturing the girl. Assam Police on Wednesday released the images of the five men and asked anyone with any information to contact them.

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
US actor Danny Masterson has been accused of raping three women. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@dannymasterson)

  • The judge has ordered Masterson to be formally arraigned on June 7
  • If convicted, he can face up to 45 years to life in prison
  • Masterson rose to fame with the sitcom 'That '70s Show' in which he starred alongside actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

.Pennsylvania, USA
Felipe Vazquez now faces lengthy jail time. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ MLB trade rumors)

  • A Westmoreland County jury in Pennsylvania found the 29 year-old Vazquez guilty on 10 counts
  • He was, however, found not guilty on 10 counts of unlawful contact or communication with a minor
  • Vazquez himself testified that he thought the girl was a mature woman

.Panaji, Goa, India
Tarun Tejpal was out on bail since May 2014. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@ANI)

  • The former Tehelka editor-in-chief was accused of sexually assaulting a female colleague
  • The Goa police registered an FIR against Tejpal in November 2013
  • He was arrested in 2013