19 Feburary.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Image Courtesy- Twitter

  • College student Shweta forgot to turn off her mic; later becomes a new trend on the internet as ‘Shweta memes’
  • The girl gossips from her heart, spilling every detail not realizing that her mic was not on mute 
  • Internet floods with memes 

19 Feburary
'Shweta turn off your mic' memes are all over the internet. (Photo Credit: Youtube/ @Ironsmith Prince)

  • A Zoom call is going viral, in which a girl named Shweta can be heard gossiping with someone else as she is forgot to turn her mic off
  • Shweta memes are flooding across the web, with trends like ‘Shweta mic band karlo’ and ‘Shweta your mic is on’ going viral
  • The girl on the call gossiped with all her heart, not realising that she didn't turn her microphone off

19 Feburary
Shweta's zoom call is trending all over internet. (Photo Credit: YouTube/ @Best Play)

  • ‘Shweta mic band karlo’ has been trending all over the web
  • A student named Shweta forgot to turn off her mic during the zoom call and soon became a trending meme
  • Internet has flooded with memes since then

18 Feburary.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Meme courtesy: Raghav Masoom @comedibanda

  • A college student Shweta forgets to turn of her mic during the zoom call and soon becomes a meme
  • The participants tried to tell her that she's not on mute. However, unbothered she spills the gossip anyway
  • The video went viral on YouTube

18 Feburary
Zoom meetings and the perpetual fear that our mics are on while we speak something unorthodox. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Video meetings are a part of our lives now but along with it comes several complications
  • A girl forgot her mic was on while she gossiped about someone as her colleagues listened
  • This fear has dominated our work lives ever since we permanently shifted online