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1 hour ago.New Delhi, Delhi, India
A few weeks back, Aaliyah Kashyap had shared pictures from photoshoot for a lingerie brand. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@aaliyahkashyap)

  • "I have never felt more frightened," Aaliyah said about the trolling she faced
  • "Past few weeks have been really hard on my mental health," she wrote in a post on Instagram
  • Aaliyah opened up that she was "sexually assaulted as a minor by a middle-aged man" 

9 hours ago.New Delhi, Delhi, India
A picture of Jawarharlal Nehru is doing the rounds on the Internet, with some users claiming that the nation's first Prime Minister was slapped in public during an event in 1962. (Photo Credit: Facebook/@amitabh.chaudhary)

  • Users claims that Nehru was allegedly slapped by the chief guest of the event and Vedic scholar Vidyanand Videh
  • The Vedic scholar, as per the claims, objected to a remark made by Nehru
  • Videh, according to claims,  told Nehru that Aryans are the original inhabitants of India

14 hours ago.Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
A video of a man spitting on 'Naans' before putting them in a tandoor went viral on the Internet a few days back. (Photo Credit: Twitter Screengrab/@anamikamber)

  • The caption with the video claimed that the incident took place in Hyderabad's Nampally
  • The incident is true but the place where it is claimed to happen is not
  • The man responsible for the act has been arrested by Meerut Police

14 hours ago.California City, CA, USA
Top Twitter officials discussed Super Follows while outlining goals and plans for the near future. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Twitter announced the potential new Super Follows service during its annual investor meeting
  • Super Follows was described as a way for Twitter audiences to financially support creators
  • Twitter currently makes money from ads and promoted posts

1 day ago.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The Centre on Thursday announced new rules to regulate social media and OTT platforms. (PTI Photo)

  • The laws on social media will be implemented within 3 months so that they can improve their mechanism: Ravi Shankar Prasad
  • The rest will come into effect from the day the rules are notified, he said
  • Social media platforms must have a provision for the voluntary verification mechanism of the users

1 day ago.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Twitter has started labelling tweets with its new warning that says "hacked material" for news article based on hacked or leaked documents. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • The label is used for news articles that are based on hacked or leaked documents
  • The label reads, "These materials may have been obtained through hacking"
  • The warning label was earlier used last year for an article reportedly based on material obtained from Hunter Biden's laptop

1 day ago.Canberra ACT, Australia
Facebook recently locked horns with the Australian authorities over content sharing (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • "We absolutely recognize quality journalism is at the heart of open societies", said Nick Clegg
  • He clarified Facebook's stance and dusted off responsibility from alleged "stealing of journalism"
  • Australian authorities have urged  Facebook and Google to pay for the news content generated in the country

2 days ago
'Modi Rozgaar Do' has been gaining traction on Twitter. (Photo credit: Representative/unsplash)

The employment issue has once again taken the front seat on Twitter, prompting other social media platforms to see similar contents float around in the web.

3 days ago.New Delhi, Delhi, India
WhatsApp told SC that it will follow a privacy law if India enacts a statute similar to Europe. (Photo credit: Envato elements)

  • WhatsApp will now roll out its new privacy policy from May 15
  • WhatsApp had announced its new privacy policy and terms of service in January 
  • If users do not comply with new policies, which caused quite a stir, they will no longer be able to access their WhatsApp accounts

3 days ago.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Instagram has come up with two new updates for users. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Instagram's new update will let users search for hashtags on certain areas on the map
  • Another update by Instagram will let users block multiple accounts at a time
  • Facebook's new update will enable sharing stories