#Trey Songz

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
Singer Trey Songz alleged sex tape has went viral on social media. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@treysongz)

  • Trey Songz was arrested last week for trespassing, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer
  • Songz was also arrested in 2018 and was charged with felony domestic violence
  • In 2016, Songz faced charges for assaulting a police officer

Born in Petersburg, Virginia, Songz shot to fame with his 2007 album 'Trey Day' . (Photo Credit: Instagram/@treysongz)

  • Trey Songz has seemingly responded to the controversy with recent social media posts
  • He has twice been nominated for the Grammy Awards
  • Last week, Songz was arrested by for not following protocols while attending a Kansas City Chiefs football match