Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Which sportsperson and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador led the global vaccination drive during World Immunization Week 2021?

Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Project Dantak, a project of Border Roads Organisation, just completed 60 years. It was undertaken in which neighbouring country?

Amazon Quiz (June 22, 2021): Which organisation outlines the global strategy on occupational safety and health?

Amazon Quiz (June 22, 2021): These towers are located in which Asian country?

Amazon Quiz (June 21, 2021): Jagdish Khattar, who recently passed away, was the managing director of which company from 1999 to 2007?

Amazon Quiz (June 21, 2021): In 2021, which High Court became the first in India to live stream judicial proceedings on a YouTube channel?

Amazon Quiz (June 20, 2021): Krishnamurthy Santhanam, who passed away recently, played a noteworthy role in which 1998 event?

Amazon Quiz (June 18, 2021): Under the 'International Climate Plan,' which nation announced that it will double its annual public climate finance to developing countries?

In which 2007 film, did this animal dream of becoming a chef in spite of the disapproval of his family and the prejudice of humans?

Amazon Quiz (June 17, 2021): In March 2021, which cricketer scored the fastest 50 by a player on his ODI debut?