New Delhi, Sep 20 (PTI) Facebook India on Monday said it has appointed ex-IAS officer and former Uber executive Rajiv Aggarwal as the Director of Public Policy.

.California, USA
UUber is also based on the gig economy model. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The ballot measure exempts ride-share and food delivery drivers from the state labour law
  • The judge ruled that the ballot violates the legislature's power to set workplace standards
  • Gig companies are based on a model that advocates temporary, flexible jobs

.San Francisco, CA, USA
Uber Freight operates as a middle man in the trucking business, connecting truckers with shippers. (Photo credit: Representative image/Unsplash)

  • Uber will pay up to $750 million in the common stock of Uber Freight’s parent company
  • The deal is still subject to regulatory approval
  • Transplace, a Dallas-based company, was acquired by TPG in 2017

.California, USA
Uber struck a deal with a California regulator to drastically reduce a substantial fine. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • The California Public Utilities Commission had fined Uber $59 million in December 2020
  • After the new deal, the fine has now been brought down to $150,000
  • Uber was fined after they failed to provide California a data on sexual assault incidents

.New York, NY, USA
The merged company will be set up with $2.5 billion in cash. (Representative Image: Unsplash)

  • Aurora develops hardware and software for self-driving cars
  • The deal with Reinvent Technology Partners Y is expected to close this year
  • The transaction is valued at $13 billion

.Hong Kong
Didi had planned to sell 288 million American Depository Shares. (Photo credit: Representative image/Unsplash)

  • Didi priced its shares at $14 each on Wednesday
  • This impressive debut on Wall Street takes Didi's valuation to more than $67 billion
  • Only Uber- in the US rail-hailing sector - is valued at more than Didi

.New York, NY, USA
Didi could reach a fully diluted valuation of more than $70 billion. (Representative Image: Unsplash)

  • Based in China, Didi Global Inc. is a ride hailing company
  • It is planning to expand to other markets and businesses
  • On offer from Didi are 288 million American depositary shares at $13 to $14 each

.Delhi, India
Uber Cab Driver helps woman to reach COVID facility center. (Photo credit- Representational image/unsplash)

  • After failing to find an ambulance,  woman took her covid positive mother in a cab
  • At least four cab drivers declined to go and cancelled the ride
  • The 5th cab driver not only came to pick them up but also helped them with oxygen cylinders

.New York, NY, USA
Grab launched in 2012 and soon became one of the largest ride-hailing firm in Southeast Asia. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Singapore's Grab Holdings plans a US listing after merger with Altimeter Capital Management
  • Grab is one of the largest ride-hailing firm in Southeast Asia
  • In 2018, the company bought Uber's operations in the Southeast Asian region

.California City, CA, USA
The accused were each sentenced to 160 hours of community service, one year formal probation. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Unsplash)

  • The prank resulted in an unsuspecting Uber driver being held at gunpoint by police
  • In October 2019, California-based twin brothers Alan and Alex Stokes had ordered an Uber while dressed in black
  • The driver, who was not aware of the prank, refused to pick them up, but was briefly detained by police