4 hours ago.Chicago, IL, USA
Sean Kazmar made his last appearance in 2008. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@Braves)

  • Sean Kazmar played the game against Chicago Cubs
  • "What a good feeling," Kazmar said while describing his experience
  • "I still felt like I had the ability to play at this level," said Kazmar

5 hours ago.Delaware, USA
US President Joe Biden made the announcement on Saturday. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI)

  • Biden explained his plan after playing golf near Delaware residence
  • White House said on Friday that the previous goal "seems unlikely"
  • The Friday annoucement attracted backlash from refugee advocacy groups

5 hours ago.Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (Photo Credit: PTI File)

  • IAEA verified Iran's 60% uranium enrichment
  • Iran had reached 20% when it was supposed to be 3.67%
  • Enrichment was done as a response to the blast at the  at Natanz

6 hours ago.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Greene who won the GOP primary from Georgia is a staunch QAnon supporter. (Photo Credit: Twitter/Marjorie Greene)

  • She had already confirmed the caucus launch a day before
  • Greene claimed to have not read  the flier before
  • The controversial flier talked about conspiracy theories 

7 hours ago.Atlanta, GA, USA
Black Rob was famous for his tracks like "Woah!". (Photo Credit: Twitter/@DDotOmen)

  • Black Rob suffered a series of strokes in 2015
  • He died in a hospital in Atlanta on Saturday
  • No cause of death has been offically announced

7 hours ago.Minnesota, USA
Three journalists were detained or arrested for attempting to cover the Brooklyn Center demonstrations on Friday. (Photo credit: AFP File)

  • About 500 people gathered in front of a police station in Brooklyn Center
  • A judge ordered a restraining order against journalists being arrested
  • Earlier several journalists had filed a complaint 

8 hours ago.Washington D.C., DC, USA
US President Joe Biden has adopted an offensive policy against Russia recently. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • Biden previously condemned the imprisonment of Alexei Navalny
  • Navalny has been on a hunger strike since March 31
  • Navalny was sentenced to imprisonment in February

10 hours ago.Omaha, NE, USA
(Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The police department said multiple suspects fled the scene
  • Witness reports suggest police responding in tactical gear
  • The police department said a press release will provide further information

10 hours ago.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Peloton Tread+ is owned by CEO John Foley. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Unsplash)

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said that it had received multiple reports which involved injuries to children from the treadmills designed by Peloton Tread+ and added that the safety hazards of the product were being investigated.

11 hours ago.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Kamala Harris is the first woman and south Asian American to hold the Vice President's office in the United States. (Photo credit: PTI)

  • The accused, Niviane Phelps, applied for a concealed weapons permit in February
  • Phelps refused to speak with secret service detectives on March 3
  • Phelps sent the videos to her husband in prison