Twitter users are slamming Swara and Zubair for spreading misinformation and promoting hatred in society. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ReallySwara)

  • The incident took place on June 5
  • The victim alleged he was targeted because of his religion
  • FIR has been filed against some journalists and media outlets for spreading hate and misinformation

.Ottawa, ON, Canada
Several thousand Canadians are now marching on the streets to demand justice for the Afzaal family. (Photo credit: PTI)

  • Canada's Afzaal family was attacked on June 7
  • Four member were killed in the hate crime
  • The family is survived by a nine-year-old boy Faez

.Miami, FL, USA
The venue was hosting a scheduled event and several patrons were standing outside. (Photo credit: Representative image: Unsplash)

  • The shooting happened on a commercial estate near Miami Gardens
  • Three unidentified persons exited a Nissan Pathfinder SUV and shot the crowd
  • President Joe Biden last month branded US gun violence an epidemic and an international embarrassment

.Hong Kong
Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai was among eight democracy activists handed new prison sentences on Friday. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@JimmyLaiApple)

  • Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai will now serve a total of 20 months in jail
  • He pleaded guilty to organising and participating in an unlawful assembly on 1 October, 2019
  • Former lawmakers Lee Cheuk-yan and Leung Kwok-hung, were also given new jail sentences

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
US President Joe Biden condemned the violence in a White House statement. (Photo Credit: AFP File)

  • Tigray conflict has been going on for six months
  • Biden called out the sexual violence in the conflict
  • He further requested for "humanitarian access" to prevent famine

.Burma, Myanmar (Burma)
Aung San Suu Kyi is the leader of the National League for Democracy. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • The most serious charge against Suu Kyi is that she violated colonial-era Official Secrets Act
  • Suu Kyi has not been seen in public since she was taken under house arrest on February 1
  • She is expected to appear in person in court Monday

.Jerusalem, Israel
An Israeli artillery unit fired shells towards Gaza Strip on Wednesday. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI)

  • A ceasefire controlled by Islamist group Hamas, came into effect early Friday
  • It erupted after 11 days of airstrikes and rocket fire between Israel and Palestine
  • Tensions initially flared in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied east Jerusalem

.Orange, CA, USA
California has reported around 50 BB gun shootings since May 4. (Photo credit: Representative image/Unsplash)

  • According to reports, the shooting took place at 8:11 AM local time
  • The details of the injuries have not been revealed
  • The highway is expected to be closed till midday

Human rights groups have repeatedly condemned strikes that have killed women and children in Gaza. (Photo credit: Representational/PTI)

  • Mohammad al-Hadidi, the father lost his wife and four sons after Israeli airstrikes
  • The five month old baby suffered three fractures in one of his legs
  • Rescue workers pulled the baby from the arms of his dead mother early Saturday

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Earlier in the week, the US twice blocked the resolutions calling for the ceasefire. (Photo credit: AP/PTI)

  • A third UNSC emergency meeting on the Israel-Palestine conflict was held on Monday
  • The US again blocked the adoption of a statement calling for an immediate ceasefire
  • Meanwhile, Israeli jets kept pounding Gaza on Monday