The Dick Van Dyke Show is one of the greatest sitcoms ever made. (Photo credit: Instagram/@marvelstudios)

  • WandaVision chronicled Wanda and Vision’s comical misadventures in the tranquil suburban neighborhood of Westview
  • Wanda is seen watching the show as a child in the episode “Previously On,” and Dick Van Dyke himself worked on the series as a consultant
  • There are classic episodes in every season of The Dick Van Dyke Show and there are no truly terrible episodes that need to be skipped

Elizabeth Olsen has some thoughts about the rumor regarding Marvel Studios looking to assemble Young Avengers. (Photo credit; Instagram/@wandavision)

  • When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every detail, no matter how big or small, can serve as an indicator of grander things to come
  • Olsen commented on the Young Avengers rumors during a recent Q/A with the New York Film Academy
  • HBO has yet to set a release date for The Last of Us TV show

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  • The Television Academy's 25,000 voters spent several months to sift through a selection of series
  • But there were some notable names missing from the Emmy 2021 nominations list
  • The awards will be held on September 19 at an in-person ceremony in Los Angeles

Black Widow gives us an insight into Natasha's life on the run from the ‘red room’ and also the story of her adopted family. (Photo credit: .

  • One thing that stands out in Black Widow, is the beautiful relationship Natasha shares with Yelena Belova
  • It is hard to find a sibling duo with a bond as strong as the Maximoff siblings - Wanda and Pietro
  • T’Challa and Shuri are among the few biological siblings in the MCU

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Elizabeth Olsen bagged the best performance award for her role in 'WandaVision'. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • 'WandaVision' won four awards at MTV Movie and TV awards, including best show
  • The series also bagged best performance for its star Elizabeth Olsen
  • WandaVision is set in a bizarre, sitcom-inspired world

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Rage-Jean Page received the breakthrough performance MTV awards. (Photo Credit- Twitter/@regejean)

  • MTV Awards 2021 is being held in Los Angeles at Hollywood Palladium 
  • It was the 29th edition of MTV Movies and TV Awards
  • The award was hosted by Leslie Jones

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WandaVision star Kat Dennings announced her engagement with her boyfriend and singer Andrew WK on Thursday. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@katdenningsss)

  • Dennings shared the news on social media with pictures of her wearing the engagement ring
  • "Don't mind if I do," she captioned the post
  • The announcement came just days after the pair confirmed that they were dating

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A new episode of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ will air every Friday on Wandavision's spot. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ @falconandwinter)

  • The series features Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in lead roles
  • It is going to be a six-part series
  • The show aired at 12 midnight on Friday

While many fans expressed their confusion, some highlighted that it left them wanting more. (Photo credit: Instagram/@wandavision)

  • After the season finale aired on Friday, fans shared their reactions on Twitter
  • The last episode was essentially about two showdowns
  • The show is premised upon events that take place after Avengers: Endgame

Season finale of WandaVision will start streaming on March 5. (Photo credit: Twitter/@wandavision)

  • WandaVision director Matt Shakman said the ending will be consistent with the series as a whole 
  • Shakman said the show focussed on Wanda's mental struggle and the themes of loss, love and storytelling in general
  • "What does hold it all together is that it has a big heart," he said