#weight loss

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Benefits of yoga are uncountable. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Yoga is a holistic approach towards good health- of both body and mind
  • Regular practice of yoga increases concentration cures rigidity and life-long pains
  • Some yoga routines can help you lose some additional weight

Boiled eggs promote bone health and immunity. (Photo credit: Unsplash)

  • Boiled egg diet involves consuming hard-boiled eggs
  • This diet supposedly promises quick weight loss in a short time
  • Boiled eggs are devoid of excess oil, fat and calories

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Fibre-rich foods prevent you from binge-eating. (Photo credit: Unsplash)

  • Winter is the season of putting on weight
  • Fibre prevents unnecessary snacking and calorie intake
  • Guavas, papaya, beetroots are packed with fibre, apart from having vitamins and antioxidants