#World Cancer Day

Tahira Kashyap, writer-filmmaker, mother of two and wife of Ayushmann Khurrana, wrote about breast cancer awareness. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@tahira_k)

  • Tahira Kashyap is a survivor of breast cancer
  • She encouraged and spread awareness about early breast cancer detection
  • Tahira recited an inspiring poem on World Cancer Day

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There are many unverified facts about cancer that is spreading like a wildfire, says a Cancer specialist

  • February 4 is celebrated as World Cancer Day to raise awareness of cancer
  • It is a day to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment
  • Also, there are many myths  related to the disease that needs to be addressed, says a leading cancer doctor

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While screening tests come with many benefits, they do have some harmful effects. (Photo credit: Twitter/@NCIprevention)

  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally
  • Early detection provides symptomatic and asymptomatic patients a better chance at survival
  • Colonoscopy, mammography, pap tests are some of the screening methods used to detect cancer

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While some celebrities succumbed to death from this fatal disease, some stood out victorious. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@irrfan @iamsonalibendre @neetu54)

  • Rishi Kapoor, who suffered from leukemia, a kind of blood cancer, died on April 30, 2020
  • Sonali Bendre shared the news of ‘high-grade cancer’ on her social media in July 2018
  • Tahira Kashyap was very vocal about her battle with breast cancer post her recovery

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This year, the theme for World Cancer Day is 'I am and I will'. (Photo Credit: Representational/ Unsplash)

  • With nearly 2.09 million cases every year, lung cancer is one of the most common cancer detected globally
  • Colorectal cancer affects around 1.8 million individuals in a year
  • Prostate cancer occurs in a man's prostate, a small gland, which produces seminal fluid