.Tokyo, Japan
The twin pandas were born in Japan's oldest zoo on June 23. (Photo Credit: AP)

  • The female cub will be called Lei Lei and her brother will be addressed as Xiao Xiao
  • The names were chosen from thousands of suggestions from fans living in Japan
  • The Tokyo governemnt got over 190,000 name suggestions

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Tigers have a distinctive dark stripe pattern on a light background of white or golden. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • This condition is known as pseudo-melanism
  • Pseudo-melanistic tigers have been caught on camera repeatedly
  • The closest breeding tiger population to Simlipal is around 800 km away

.Sydney NSW, Australia
Echos have an exceptional memory according to authorities. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Twitter/@tarongazoo)

  • Taronga zoo, located in Sydney shared a video of Echo, the resident lyrebird bird
  • In the video, the lyrebird can be heard imitating a crying baby
  • Echo began practicing bits of the weeping a year ago

.New York, NY, USA
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said the cougar's case is currently under investigation. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • 80-pound cougar was removed from a New York City apartment
  • Owner of female cougar surrendered the animal
  • She cougar spent the weekend at the Bronx Zoo receiving veterinary care

The zoo officials are doing all for the safety of the animal as they only want the animal to be happy. (Photo credit: PTI)

  • Adie Timmermans used to visit the zoo every week to meet a  38-year-old chimpanzee 
  • The woman said she was having an "affair" with the chimp
  • She has got a little too close to the primate, zoo officials said 

Aurangabad, Aug 4 (PTI) Siddharth Zoo in Maharashtra's Aurangabad will trade a pair of tigers with the zoological park in Pune in exchange for a couple of nilgais, an official said on ...

.Louisiana, USA
The Blue Zoo is a new interactive aquarium in the Mall of Louisiana in the United States. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Blue Zoo Baton Rouge)

  • After a two-day search, a snake that managed to escape its enclosure was finally found
  • Cara, a 12-foot python, mysteriously disappeared from her enclosure Monday evening
  • The zoo dispatched an expert, and staff searched all night Tuesday for the python

.Orlando, FL, USA
Several gorillas tried to take a swat at the snake.(Photo credit: Representational image/Unsplash)

  • The video was first posted on TikTok, showing gorilla falls exploration trail
  • Gorillas found a snake in their enclosure and were thrilled
  • The video was viewed over 3 million times in 24 hours

Ranchi, Jun 5 (PTI) All 21 felines in Jharkhand's Ranchi Zoo - right from 1.3 years tiger cubs to 14-year-old Mallik- are undergoing COVID-19 test to rule out chances of infection in the wake of ...

.Sydney NSW, Australia
Baby Echidna at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.(Photo credit: Instagram/@tarongazoo)

  • Baby Echidna's video was shared on Instagram
  • Baby Echidna's are found in Australia and New Guinea
  • Also called puggles, are short- beaked and shiny echidna