It’s all over the news! Indian-origin Justin Narayan has won the 13th season of the popular MasterChef Australia, after being touted as one of the most talented contestants. It is no secret that his recipes are a culmination of his Fijian and Indian roots and we’re all for it. Here’s a roundup of 5 of his recipes that are bound to assault your senses and mind you, in a very pleasant way.

1. Charcoal Rooster With Toum, Flatbread and Pickle Salad

Justin Narayan, in an interview with The Press Reporter, revealed that Charcoal Rooster With Toum, Flatbread and Pickle Salad is his favourite dish. The scrumptious dish takes him down memory lane, reminding him of memories that stir emotions within him.

The dish is prepared by roasting a marinated hen in a charcoal BBQ, while the Toum is prepared after blending garlic, salt, oil and lemon juice until fluffy. The recipe is served after piling a quarter hen with yoghurt flatbread, Toum, and pickled salad made out of shaved onion, apple and pomegranate seeds.

2. Indian Rooster Curry, Crispy Rooster Pores and skin and an Apple and Cucumber Pickle

Bringing the best of both worlds to the palette, Indian Rooster Curry, Crispy Rooster Pores and skin and an Apple and Cucumber Pickle is a fusion of Justin’s Fijian and Indian roots. The recipe is served after placing a portion of hen breast, sprinkling the drained apple and cucumber pickle, and a baked shard of hen pores and skin over it. It is then enjoyed with a curry sauce whipped up by bringing together onion, chilli chutney, soy sauce, milk-based cauliflower puree, Indian spices and mustard oil.

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3. Spiced Candy Potato Taco

As much as the name sounds fun, Justin’s Spiced Candy Potato Taco is a fan favourite. The recipe involves baking candy potatoes along with melted butter, spices and salt.

The blue corn tortilla, used in the recipe, is prepared by mixing masa and salt to form a dough. The taco made out of the tortillas is finally stuffed with a roasted tomatillo and jalapeno salsa. Taking the melt-in-the-mouth quotient up a notch, it is finally drizzled with crema, onion, coriander and crumbled feta.

4. Brie cheese ice cream

One of the most popular desserts by Justin Narayan, Brie cheese ice cream is whipped by putting together Creamy Brie and tangy Feta Crumbles. Giving his uniqueness to the recipe, the Chef confit apple, apple gel and walnut crumbs in between the cheesy ice-cream scoops. For those who have a sweet tooth and love cheese just as much, this one takes the trophy and how!

5. Rib-eye cap and pickled green mango

Justin Narayan’s Rib-eye cap basted in a kombu butter melts in the mouth and is a reminder of childhood days when summers had a special guest of honour in Mangoes and one would hog the same to their heart’s content. Served with pickled green mango, this recipe is soaked in fermented chilli pumpkin purée and a charred spring onion oil.