After being delayed due to the winter storms in Texas and other states, the Biden administration has partially caught up with the backlogged vaccine shipments, having delivered about 2 million of the targeted 6 million doses, the White House said Sunday.

"We can't control Mother Nature, no one can, but we can certainly contingency plan," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on ABC's "This Week."

"We've been able to get about 2 million of those 6 million doses out. We expect to rapidly catch up this week, fill that backlog, make sure they're out to communities and also meet our deadlines and our timelines of the doses that are due to go out this upcoming week," Psaki added.

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Over the last week, Texas suffered awful weather conditions -- with winter storms and below-freezing temperatures -- which was worsened by power cuts across the state, impacting millions of livelihoods.

Even other parts of the country faced similar frigid temperatures, snow and ice.

The weather condition complicated the Biden administration's promised vaccination drive with deliveries and appointments for COVID-19 shots getting delayed.

Andy Slavitt, senior adviser to the White House COVID response team, had said on Friday at a press briefing that there was an estimated backlog of around 6 million vaccines due to the weather and all the 50 states had been impacted, CNN reported.

Meanwhile, the nation's top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci on Sunday called the situation a "temporary setback" and projected that the US will be caught up mid-week on the delays.

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"Obviously, it is a setback because you'd like to see the steady flow of vaccine, getting out there to get into people's arms, but we can play pretty good catch-up," Fauci said in an interview Sunday on NBC.

"When you just, you know, put your foot to the accelerator and really push, we'll get it up to where we need to be by the middle of the week," President Biden's chief medical adviser said.