Content Creator and Influencer Ashley Barkis in the video was seen hurling racist comments at an Asian man and his family for allegedly hitting her car. The video of the incident went viral in no time as social media users were fumed about her behavior.

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Recently, Barkis made an apology video for hurling racist slurs. She also claimed of being half-Filipino, though it did not seem to go in her favor as she was heavily cricitized for her statement.

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Who is Ashley Barkis?

Ashley Barkis is a social media influencer and content creator. Barkis is an Oceanside, California native who works as a sales manager at 24 Hour Fitness. The Oceanside native appears to enjoy dancing, as her Facebook bio states that she is a dancer.

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As the incident went video went viral on the internet. Netizens took no time to school her. She was heavily trolled for her act. Ashley kicked the man into the coming traffic. After strong reactions coming from social media, she posted an apology video on social media, which only did not go in her favor as the internet did not accept her apology.

Barkis stated in the apology video that she would like to apologize to the Asian family for any pain or grief she may have caused them. She went on to say that she does not support any form of violence or racism against anyone. However, netizens argued that she did exactly that two days ago.

Reacting to the incident many users expressed their anger on social media. One user wrote, “I’m sorry Ashley Barkis, but we do not claim you. You’re a disgusting piece of shit.”

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While the other tweeted, “Why is Ashley Barkis still not in jail yet @SanDiegoPD ? She pushed someone into oncoming traffic. That’s attempted murder. There’s proof. There’s a viral video.”