A Metropolitan Police officer, Bonnie Murphy, was suspended on Friday for asking a colleague to send her pictures of a decomposed body. The colleague from whom she asked for the photo is Jamie Lewis; the cop who was slammed for taking selfies with two murder victims in Wembley park, London– Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, back in 2021.

Lewis faced two years and nine months in jail and was sacked from his job and. Murphy happens to be a former colleague of Lewis, from when he was still at the department. It is not clear what the context of the conversation between Murphy and Lewis was.

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Who is Bonnie Murphy? 

Bonnie Muphy has been identified as a 23-year-old by The Sun.

Since her department came to know about the action, they initiated a proceeding against her.

A disciplinary hearing was held in which she was found guilty of two counts of “gross misconduct”. The first was for asking her to send images containing information about a possible crime scene and the second was for cheating on her police driving exam.

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“Dismissal is the only possible conclusion,” Legally Qualified Chair heading the disciplinary committee Judith Gribble said.

“Most serious of the offenses was the breaches of integrity and honesty. PC Murphy was young and is still young. PC Murphy, however, asked for the photographs. She asked for the exam material. She did come forward, but only after the arrest,” she added.

The exchange of photos between Murphy and Lewis took place before the Wembley park murders.

The committee observed that Lewis had failed to report the action and had lied about it to colleagues saying that it was unsolicited.

Murphy claimed in the hearing that she asked for the photo to show it to her mother.

The committee also found that Murphy had “chased” Lewis for questions and answers ahead of her driving test.