The United States is considering ‘targeted sanctions’ against the entities who channel economic resources to Myanmar’s military, after the latter overtook the country’s political power by the way of a bloodless coup earlier this week, AFP reported, referring to the White House.

“Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, we are reviewing the possibility of a new executive order and we are also looking at specific targeted sanctions”, US National Security advisor Jake Sullivan was quoted by AFP as saying in a briefing.

The military coup on Monday saw familiar faces in the country's politics such as Aung San Suu Kyi  detained, igniting fears of a call-back to the Military junta rule of the past.

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He further informed that the sanctions would be applicable for both individuals and entities either controlled by the military or those which enrich the military.

The warning from the US came on Thursday, as military generals ordered internet providers to restrict access to Facebook in the midst of people rushing to the social media platform to voice their opposition and share plans for disobedience.

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Alongside Facebook, connections to WhatsApp and Telegram were also restricted.

The military has imposed a state of emergency for the next one year in Myanmar.