United States  Marine Corps General, who is allegedly responsible for the sinking of a seafaring tank, is being removed from his position. The official reportedly did not provide proper training to the personnel of a platoon.

Major General Robert Castellvi, who is allegedly responsible for the accident, met the Marine Commandant. Castellvi also held the position of inspector general of the Marine Corps but has been suspended since April.

The incident, which happened in the summer of 2020, resulted in the death of nine troops after the vessel sank off the coast of Southern California, reported Associated Press quoting the US military.

Leaders are of the opinion that the deadly accident, which happened approximately 70 miles from the San Diego coast, was preventable in nature. 

During the exercise, the 1st Marine Division of Camp Pendleton was led by Castellvi, after which he took over the inspector general position.

Improper instructions and lack of completion of a required evaluation were cited as the reasons for the vessel sinking in an investigation carried out by the authorities, reported Associated Press.