unfortunate incident took place in the Chicago on Saturday when a gunman,
in a series of shootings, killed at least three people and injured several.
However, following the incident he was shot and killed by the Chicago police, informed
authorities, according to a CNN.

Chicago police superintendent David Brown, in a news briefing, said that the shooting
began at 1.50 pm on Saturday when the killer, Jason Nightengale, entered a
parking garage and shot a 30-year-old man sitting on his vehicle, who
eventually died from internal injuries. Soon after that, he entered the
entrance of an apartment a few metres away and shot the apartment security guard
in his chest, which led to his death after few hours in the hospital.

32-year-old then fired at a 77-year-old woman, who was getting her mail in the
head. She is presently in a severe condition, added police.

After a few
minutes, the gunman reached a nearby apartment where he pulled a gun on a man he
knew, took away his vehicle’s key and fled the scene. He then reached a
convenience store at 3.45 pm and started shooting after declaring robbery.
There he shot a 20-year-old man in the head who died at the spot and an
81-year-old woman in her back and neck, which put her in a very critical state.

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Around 5
pm, he fired a 15-year-old girl in the head who was sitting in the back seat of
the car being driven by her mother and presently she is also in a critical
state. However, her mother is absolutely fine. He then went back to the store
and shot at Chicago police officers, who were probing the earlier attacks.
Later, the killer reached Evanston, north of Chicago, said police.

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The police
chief of Evanston, Demitrous Cook, mentioned on Saturday evening that his team
has responded to the reports of a man shooting at a CVS around 5.38 pm. By this
time the police team had identified the gunman as Nightengale who in an IHOP
restaurant again shot a woman who is presently in the hospital, added Cook.

this last shot, Nightengale got surrounded by the police team in the
parking area, where the police killed him on the spot.

“But for the brave conduct of Evanston police
officers confronting this suspect, many more people would have been
injured,” Brown said, adding that no Chicago officers were known to be
injured from their earlier confrontation with the suspect, reported CNN.

Chicago police say the investigation is ongoing.
Brown said no motive for the shootings is known at this time.