has been a tough time for the whole world, especially the US, and effective vaccination against the deadly virus has become a
bigger struggle with shortage of vaccine doses and a strong winter storm
leaving thousands in the country without heat and power. Amid all this, a
90-year-old Fran Goldman walked six miles in snow with the help of
walking sticks to get herself inoculated against coronavirus, reported AFP.

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Goldman, who hails from Seattle, had been trying hard to get an appointment for her
first COVID-19 jab by making phone calls and e-mails, so when she finally got a chance to get one on Sunday, she decided to make it to the spot anyhow.

That’s when Goldman decided to battle several inches of snow on the ground, she put on her boots and grabbed two walking sticks and set out to get vaccinated.

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In the words of Goldman’s
daughter Ruth her mother is a tough lady.

mother isn’t going to let a little snow stop her from getting the
vaccine, she
was willing to walk however many miles there and back to get it,” she told
the Seattle Times.

is a really remarkable person who has the attitude of ‘You don’t let a little
adversity get in your way,” Ruth added.