Scores of admirers of Donald Trump rallied outside the courthouse where the former president is scheduled to be charged with a crime on Tuesday. At the same time, a few outspoken protestors chanted anti-fascist slogans.

There were numerous, brief altercations between the pro- and anti-Trump protesters during the largely uneventful gathering. Both groups were, however, kept apart by community affairs officers and NYPD barricades.

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The majority of the pro-Trump fans shouted profanities at their rivals while wearing the well-known “MAGA” hats and garments decorated with the American flag. Moreover, they waved a flag that read, “Trump or Death.” Trump’s detractors meanwhile waved a big banner that said, “Trump lies all the time,” and shouted, “Lock him up!”

Aside from that, starting a few hours before the former president came for his arrest and arraignment, reporters actually outnumbered the Trump supporters and detractors in the small park in front of New York County Criminal Court.

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During one of the protests, a Trump fan attempted to pull the banner of the opposing group, which is when authorities intervened. Laurie Biter, a frequent anti-Trump protestor said, “I’ve been jumped several times now.” The 64-year-old expressed admiration for the accusations against Trump but clarified that “it’s not just an indictment going through a court. It’s an indictment that we, as people of good conscience, have to bring.”

While the majority of people on social media support charging and detaining Trump for his alleged offenses, there is a sizable fan base that opposes the former president’s arraignment.

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According to CNN, Trump will face more than 30 allegations of business fraud. According to Trump’s legal team, the former President will plead not guilty and defend himself against the charges. Unfortunately, the court rejected a request from a number of media sites and decided not to permit media sources to live stream Tuesday’s arraignment.