Lexington residents were handed a shock on Wednesday night when 11 University of Kentucky students were injured in a shooting incident at a house party inside the campus. The incident comes only a single day after a gun scare was reported in the Northwest Denver campus of Regis University, putting the campus on lockdown.

According to Lexington police, two suspects have been arrested in connection to the shooting. However, a total of three individuals have been detailed for the incident. The police have also confirmed that the injuries suffered by the victims were non-life threatening and they were transported to UK Chandler Hospital for treatment.

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The shooting incident took place sometime before Wednesday midnight when two uninvited individuals arrived at the house party, which resulted in a fight and several injuries, Let’s take a look at the weapons policy of the University of Kentucky.

According to the Administrative Regulations of the University, the Kentucky General Assembly has recognized the institution’s explicit authority of controlling possession of deadly weapons. The University of Kentucky has since prohibited the right to possess any kind of deadly weapons inside its campus, including the classrooms, laboratories, office buildings, residence halls, performance halls, museums and others.

The University of Kentucky has also defined the usage of the words ‘deadly weapons’ by adding that it can be a weapon that is capable of producing a shot that can lead to serious injury or death. Along with this, knives, karate sticks, shuriken, and artificial knuckles made from metal, plastic or any kind of hard material are also prohibited inside the premises of the university.

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The University of Kentucky has said that in cases of violations, students will be subjected to disciplinary action and can be expelled from the university. Added to this, any faculty or other staff employees, if found possessing deadly weapons are guilty of misconduct and can be facing the termination of their jobs.

However, the university has also made several exceptions to its weapons policy, the most notable are which apply to law enforcement officers on official duty, rifle teams of the university, judges, sheriffs and peace officers.