Complaints of election irregularities surfaced in Arizona’s Pinal Country Tuesday in course of the primary elections. The allegation was made by the Republican National Committee (RNC), which claimed 63,000 mail-in ballots were delivered to wrong voters. The GOP further said there was a shortage of ballots in the precinct.  

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Republican Party of Arizona (RPAZ) Chairwoman Kelli Ward issued a statement saying: “During Arizona’s primary elections, the RNC and Republican Party of Arizona’s poll observer program documented and reported multiple failures by Pinal County’s Administrator, including 63,000 mail-in ballots delivered to the wrong voters and multiple Republican-heavy precinct locations running out of ballots.”

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“This is a comprehensive failure that disenfranchises Arizonians and exemplifies why Republican-led efforts for transparency at the ballot box are also important. Pinal County Elections Director David Frisk should resign immediately.” 

The experience has been irritating for voters. Fox 10 News reported having received numerous calls from voters who said their polling stations had run out of ballots. 

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The Pinal County government tweeted: “Due to unprecedented demand for in-person ballots, Pinal County has experienced a ballot shortage in certain, limited precincts. Pinal Country is continuing to additional ballots and distributing them to each affected precinct polling place.”

In Arizona state, Katie Hobbs won the Democratic Primary by a wide margin. Karrin Taylor Robson leads the Republican Primary. While Katie Hobbs is the secretary of state, Karrin Taylor Robson has the support of former President Donald Trump. 

Katie Hobbs delivered her victory speech at about 8.30 pm at Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom. “The people threatening our democracy, our state and our personal freedoms aren’t just banging at my door,” she said.  

 “They’re banging at Arizona’s door to take over our state and any sense of normalcy we have left. I can say this unequivocally as the secretary of state, it’s time to move on from the 2020 election. It’s time to tackle the real challenges we have before us today like rising costs, Arizona’s water crisis, our failing education system attacks on women’s freedoms and skyrocketing cost of housing.”