A conceptual artist blew up a Lamborghini to criticize “the excesses of crypto capitalism” earlier this month.

The artist, who goes by the alias “Shl0ms,” said that they had blown up the expensive car in an unidentified place in the United States. According to Fortune, the charred bits of the demolished Lamborghini Huracan will now be offered as NFTs in an auction later this week. The NFT collection created from the shattered fragments of a Lamborghini will be called ‘$CAR.’

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Shl0ms said they blew up a secondhand Lamborghini Huracan to offer a “smouldering critique” of cryptocurrency’s get-rich-quick mentality and emphasis on self-enrichment.

“This effort is designed to act as a reminder of the underlying technology’s transformative potential – provided we use it appropriately rather than merely for selfish advantage,” Shl0ms remarked.

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The video of the Lamborghini blowing up has been seen and reposted by multiple users on Twitter.

Shl0ms has created 999 NFTs from the burned remains of the vehicle. The 999 fragments were classified and shot, and the videos will now be sold as NFTs in an auction, which will be completely carbon neutral, and only one piece may be purchased with a single wallet. This is done to limit the ability of crypto ‘whales’ to purchase large chunks of the collection.

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Only 888 shards will be auctioned off, with 111 kept for an unnamed bidder and the artist’s team.

Shl0ms consented to a video interview with The Block but used a filter to hide their face. “This technology is tremendously promising; there are so many wonderful things we could do with it, but so many bad things are being done with it,” they remarked during the video conversation. “These are truly extractive, zero-sum practises.”