Video streaming platform Twitch sparked boycott calls after announcing new rules and regulations about branded content.

On Tuesday, Twitch published updated rules for branded streams outlining what is and isn’t permitted. The platform disclosed additional limitations on the delivery of advertisements to viewers by platform streamers.

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The new guidelines state that on-stream logos must be reduced to 3% of the screen space and that burned-in video, display, and audio advertisements are no longer permitted. The following are permitted on branded streams: product placement, chat links, discussion about/unboxing of products, and participation in sponsored games.

When their stream includes branded content, streamers must now display a new disclosure. If they don’t follow this guideline, their account may be suspended or subject to further sanctions.

One of the first ones to react was OTK founder Asmongold. Asmongold and other OTK members – EsfandTV, Mizkif, and Emiru – are represented by COO Tips Out. The group has declared that all four might move out of Twitch if the rules go through.

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While he doesn’t say it lightly, he believes that in this case, “streamers should consider boycotting Twitch or moving to other platforms.” Although he doesn’t explicitly ask for one and isn’t committing to doing one himself, it’s likely because the Twitch standards haven’t been put into action yet. Twitch still has time to make adjustments. However, coming from one of Twitch’s most prosperous partners, it’s still a very strong statement.

“@zachbussey If this goes through, @OTKnetwork will be leaving Twitch. This is a direct attack on our business, staff, and all of the hard work we have put into our organization,” Tips Out said in a tweet on Tuesday.

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Twitch also revised its list of brands that are not allowed to advertise, including commercials for political, medical, and even cigarette and cannabis-related products. Advertising for alcohol is permitted, nevertheless, as long as it is marked as mature content.