In a Massachusetts court today, Brian Walshe‘s comprehensive Google searches on divorce, homicide, dismemberment, and decomposing remains were made public as he entered a not-guilty plea for killing his wife Ana Walshe.

On an iPad that belonged to one of his sons, searches were made for things like -’10 ways to dismember a body’, ‘does baking soda make a body smell good’, and ‘how long is someone missing before you can inherit?’.

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He searched- ‘the best state for divorce for a man’ on Google on December 27, five days before Ana vanished.

Walshe, 47, is accused of killing Ana on January 1 in the early hours of the morning in the basement of their Cohasset, Massachusetts, home before throwing her body away in a dumpster.

On January 1, Walshe made these searches – ‘How long before a body starts to smell?’ , ‘how to stop a body from decomposing?’ , ‘ten days to dispose of a dead body if you really need to?’ , ‘how long for someone to be missing before you inherit?’ , ‘can you throw away body parts?’ , ‘what does Formaldehyde do?’ ,’how long does DNA last?’, ‘can an ID be made on partial remains?’, ‘dismemberment and the best ways to dispose of a body?’ , ‘how to clean blood from a wooden floor?’, ‘ruminal to detect blood’.

On January 2, Walshe purchased mops, buckets, tarps, drop cloths, rubber gloves and a face mask. On the same day these searches were made on his son’s iPad- ‘hacksaw best tool to dismember’, ‘can you be charged with murder without a body’? ‘can you identify a body with broken teeth?’

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On January 3, the day police says Walshe was seen carrying a garbage bag, Walshe made these searches – ‘what happens to hair on a dead body?’, ‘what is the rate of decomposition of a body found in a plastic bag compared to on a surface in the woods?’ , ‘can baking soda make a body smell good?’

He spoke only twice during his 14-minute court appearance, responding “I do” to the judge’s question about whether he understood the accusations levelled against him.

His wrists were tied in front of him as he stood impassively in court, his long, dark hair pushed back, and he gave Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland a dull glare as she started listing the various pieces of evidence against him.

Beland testified that the blood-stained clothing, Hunter boots, and Prada handbag he claimed Ana was wearing when she vanished, together with Brian’s DNA, were discovered in a garbage close to Ana’s mother’s house.

During the brief hearing, he shook his head, and bail was rejected. On February 9th, Brian will appear in court once more for a status hearing.

The last time Walshe saw Ana, he claimed, was around 6 am on January 1st, when she departed for work.

Friends claim that she and Brian had been at odds over her demanding work schedule.

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Today, it was found that he had been frantically looking up how to dispose of a body and how long decomposition takes in the hours prior to that.

When Ana vanished, the immigrant from Serbia who had met affluent Walshe in 2005 while working in hotels was loving her hectic schedule. On social media, she frequently talked about her coworkers while hardly ever mentioning her husband. She had been employed at Tishman Speyer for two years and had been away from her family a lot of that time.