Brookwood High School in Gwinnett County, Georgia, was placed on lockdown on Wednesday as police are conducting an investigation in the area. A local news website reported that a dozen police cars were seen around the school premises. Many officers were also seen walking around the school campus.

Gwinnett County Police later confirmed that no credible threat was found at the school premises. They said that the officers were there to assist the student resource officers in searching the campus for any active threat in the area. The school, however, continues to remain in soft lockdown. 

A spokesperson had earlier told the press in Gwinnett County that the police investigation has something to do with a gunman in the area. 

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“Apparently they were concerned about someone in the community with a gun or weapon,” the person was quoted saying in news reports.

Brett Savage, the principal of Brookwood High School told parents in a letter that the school was on a “hard lockdown” and “all of the students are following protocols that we have practiced and will remain in this state until an all clear is given.”

Brookwood Elementary School, which is nearby, has been placed under a soft lockdown. 

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Soft lockdown means that the school will continue its in-the-class activities as usual. However, they will not be permitted to come out of the school building till the lockdown is lifted.