Seven people were killed and six were injured on Sunday after they were deliberately run over in front of a Texas migrant shelter by a motorist, police said. The shocking incident occurred near Brownsville’s Ozanam Center, which is a shelter for migrants and the homeless in Texas city.

Seven victims died on the scene and four to six victims were admitted to a local hospital, said police spokesperson Lt Martin Sandoval, reported KVEO-TV.

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The driver was arrested and charged with reckless driving, but more charges are likely to be filed. His name was not disclosed. Police are holding him in custody under 24-hour guard watch.

According to officials, the incident took place at around 8:30 AM at a bus stop near Brownsville’s Ozanam Center shelter for migrants and homeless people in the border city. However, it is unclear what led to the crash Sandoval said the incident is looking more and more like an intentional act.

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Shelter director Victor Maldonado said he checked the surveillance video on Sunday after receiving a call about the crash. The bus stop is across the street from the shelter and is not marked.

 Maldonado said there was no bench, and people were waiting there were sitting along the curb. Most of the victims were Venezuelan men.

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“What we see in the video is that this SUV, a Range Rover, just ran the light that was about a hundred feet away and just went through the people who were sitting there in the bus stop,” Maldonado said.

As per a report by Valley Central, a woman who drive by the spot of the accident saw a number of ladies praying nearby, as multiple bodies lined the road and victims were piled into ambulances.

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Reportedly, six victims are being treated for serious and minor injuries at a hospital.

Police said the driver is being tested for drugs and alcohol. He is also being treated at a hospital.