The BTK serial killer Dennis Rader said that Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger’s style of killing was similar to the way he conducted his slayings.

In an email to TMZ, Rader, who had given himself the moniker, “Bind, Torture, Kill,” believes Kohberger, before allegedly carrying out a quadruple homicide, lay in wait for his victims, stalking them and casing their homes. Rader added that he can relate to Kohberger because the latter’s “dark mind” was “much like I did.”

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He equated his brutal murders of the Otero family in Kansas in 1974 to the slayings of four University of Idaho students. “Murder four, much like the Oteros, up close and personal stabbed,” Rader wrote. The BTK killer had asphyxiated four Otero family members after tying them up in their Wichita house, which wasn’t really similar to how Kohberger conducted the killings. 

Rader claimed that Kohberger left DNA at the crime scene just like him at the Otero house. He has left his semen on a victim’s body. Due to the lack of DNA testing technology, it took police years to link Rader to the crimes. In Kohberger’s case, however, things were different because his DNA was found on a knife sheath and he was soon connected to the Idaho homicides. 

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Kohberger “may have killed by Fantasy Homicide. Which I did!” Rader said. According to TMZ, he might have been referring to his police confession that he murdered 10 people because of his sexual fantasies.

 It was rumored that Kohberger – might have contacted Rader before the Idaho massacre. However, the rumors are not true, Rader said. However, the BTK killer thought that Kohberger studied him and his crimes. The BTK killer is currently serving ten life terms in prison.

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On December 30, 2022, Kohberger was arrested at his parents’ home in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania. It was reported that he had previously studied under forensic psychologist and true crime writer Katherine Ramsland while attending DeSales University.