The recent debt ceiling deal struck between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden has sparked criticism within Republican ranks, leading some hard-line conservatives to consider removing McCarthy from his position.

During a House Freedom Caucus call, Rep. Ken Buck suggested using the motion to vacate, which would allow any member of Congress to force a vote to remove the speaker. This idea was supported by Rep. Paul Gosar, who proposed using the motion as leverage to pressure McCarthy into allowing amendments to the bill on the House floor.

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While there is growing discontentment with the debt ceiling deal, it is unclear how many members would ultimately support the motion to vacate. Some lawmakers believe the agreement falls short of their expectations and are sympathetic to Buck’s position.

However, others have expressed concern about such a drastic move and believe it may be premature at this stage.

During a press conference, several House Freedom Caucus members condemned the debt ceiling bill and vowed to vote against it. However, when asked how many of them would support a motion to vacate, only Rep. Dan Bishop raised his hand. The unity within the caucus appears to be fractured, and the sentiment among members is mixed.

McCarthy, when asked about the threat to his speakership, seemed unfazed, stating that it was Bishop’s choice to make such a move. It remains to be seen whether this discussion will translate into actual attempts to remove McCarthy or if alternative solutions will be pursued to address the concerns raised by the caucus members.

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The coming days will be crucial in determining the course of action taken by the House Freedom Caucus. The fate of McCarthy’s speakership hangs in the balance as Republicans navigate the challenges posed by the debt ceiling deal. The divisions within the party highlight the complex dynamics at play and the need to find a consensus among members.