US Senate majority leader and prominent lawmaker of the Democratic Party, Senator Chuck Schumer went a step ahead of the game to push gun violence redressal mechanisms in the United States and endorsed the “epidemic” label given to the issue by US President Joe Biden earlier on Thursday. 

While praising the initiative taken by Biden, Schumer emphasised that congressional action is necessary on the crucial legislation, which has gained momentum in the United States after a series of gun violence-related incidents occurred across the country.

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Schumer said in a statement, “While the president’s executive actions are critical, they are not a substitute for meaningful legislation to address the gun violence epidemic. The American people are demanding action from Congress, and I’ve committed to hold votes on the floor of the United States Senate on gun violence prevention legislation”, reported CNN. 

Even though Presidential action through executive orders seems to be Biden’s go-to move to address the issue, he appealed to the US lawmakers to take steps in accordance with the legislation in an attempt to garner congressional support. 

Schumer also announced on Twitter that he will lead the charge for implementing laws in the US that will mitigate gun violence through reforms and introducing enhanced checks and balances for purchasing firearms in the country. He wrote, ” I will bring gun violence prevention legislation to the Senate floor for a vote.”

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US Vice President Kamala Harris, who is also known to be a staunch advocate for gun reforms in the US, demonstrated her support for Biden’s actions and also got on the “epidemic” bandwagon. 

The United States has experienced numerous gun-related incidents in the US including shootings in California, Boulder, Georgia, Minnesota and Texas among others.