As the desperate search for survivors was kicked off Monday morning, one person was discovered alive overnight at the scene of an Iowa apartment building that had fallen, bringing the total number of persons rescued to eight.

A day after a six-story apartment building in Iowa partially collapsed, displacing numerous residents and business owners, authorities are reportedly preparing to demolish it. There have been no reported fatalities.

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The structure that formerly housed the Davenport Hotel was served with a demolition order on Monday, according to city officials in the eastern Iowan city of Davenport. Due to the precarious nature of the building, residents were not permitted to return inside and remove their possessions.

Despite the fact that the exact reason for the fall is yet unknown, some locals characterized the sound it made as an “explosion”. Additionally, Davenport Chief Mike Carlsten mentioned at a news conference that multiple 911 calls were made by locals reporting a “strong smell of gas.”

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The building was reportedly known to have issues, including obvious water damage, according to local residents. ‘Numerous complaints to city officials had been filed by the building’s residents, it was disclosed to CNN, and the city inspector had visited the property several times.

Following reports of bricks falling from the building last week, Rich Oswald, director of development and neighborhood services for the City of Davenport, stated that repair work was being carried out on the building’s exterior.

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Last night at around 5 o’clock, the structure came tumbling down, trapping seven individuals inside. According to authorities, an air ambulance was called to the area and used to rescue about a dozen people from the fall.

Late Monday morning, authorities changed their objective from one of search and rescue to one of recovery. Carlsten recently stated, “No known individuals are trapped in that facility.”