South Carolina attorney David Aylor died on Monday, January 2. The 41-year-old was close to GOP and briefly represented Richard Quinn- political consultant and long-time Republican advisor who is under indictment for perjury in South Carolina.

Aylor was found unresponsive by a roommate at his 25 Lowndes Pointe Drive, in South Carolina. A report by FITS News says that a search warrant has been issued on Aylor’s death, but sources close to the investigation told the outlet that there are no “initial” signs of foul play involved.

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The lawyer was last seen on Instagram posting a photo with his family celebrating the Christmas holidays at home. The caption to the post read: “Some holiday fun at the Aylor household!”

Aylor’s family members told the same news outlet that they saw him last on Monday morning, shortly after midnight. He was at a gathering through the evening along with his friends.

More details on his death will be known following a statement from law enforcement on the search warrant.

Aylor was recently under investigation by federal prosecutors for mishandling sealed documents related to an ongoing drug investigation.

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The documents were left unattended by one of Aylor’s attorneys at the Al Canon detention which led to its theft. The names of many federal officers and employees involved in the investigation were posted online, which invited threats against them and their families. But last month, he won the case, and prosecutors ruled that he will not face sanctions or public reprimand. 

Aylor was a graduate of Political Science from the College of Charleston and later studied law at the University of South Carolina.