Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ (R-FL) announcement of his presidential bid was marred by technical difficulties because his intended announcement for the 2024 election on a Twitter Space frequently crashed before having to be moved to a new space.

The Florida governor had planned to announce his candidacy for president in a Twitter Space hosted by Elon Musk, the company’s current CEO, but the space kept crashing. As a result, on the social media platform, the word “DeSaster” began to trend.

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The Twitter Spaces event was scheduled to be DeSantis’ first campaign interview and a key moment of his launch, even though he technically announced his 2024 presidential campaign in a video just minutes before the Musk interview.

Instead, due to persistent technical issues, the event was called off after only 20 minutes, preventing many attendees from hearing what DeSantis had to say.

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President Joe Biden joined in the mockery of the problems on social media by tweeting a link to his own campaign’s donation page with the caption, “This link works.”

Former President Donald Trump, who is running against DeSantis in the Republican primary, mocked the governor by making a video in which he compared the governor’s shaky campaign launch to his own, and Fox News described the governor’s “disaster on Twitter” under the headline “AMATEUR HOUR.”

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Veteran Republican presidential campaign strategist Stuart Stevens tweeted, “As presidential announcements go, this is the three stoned guys who couldn’t get a date in their dorm room on Saturday night version.”

SiriusXM host Michelangelo Signorile, a veteran journalist, observed, “DeSantis could have had millions of people watching as he launched if he did this on TV. Instead he got 100k listening to whiny rich guys on this broken down app, which malfunctioned at the start. And many of those people listening are just here for the train wreck.”