A loud blast in the Mission area, Hidalgo County was heard earlier today. The Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra later received information about a meteorite being spotted in the area. Subsequently, Hidalgo County has confirmed that a meteor has fallen somewhere to the west of McAllen.

The news was reported approximately at 1800 hours when the loud blast was first heard. A few hours later, the report of the meteors was updated by the Houston Air Traffic Control to Hidalgo County Sheriff.

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Did a meteor fall in USA?

Yes, a meteor was reported to have fallen in the Mission area in Hidalgo County, Texas. Multiple agencies started looking into the loud thud heard in the spot of incident. Alton Police Chief Jonatha Flores reported on the news of the blast but said that the origin of the incident was unknown. Following which, the Texas Department of Public Safety was requested to provide air support. Police chief Cesar Torres also reportedly said that they began receiving calls from citizens shortly after the blast.

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Later, Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra posted on Twitter that the news of meteor falling is confirmed. So far, no news of any damage has been reported. The investigation on the incident are still going on.