Brian Walshe, the accused in the murder of his wife Ana Walshe, has to plead not guilty. Walshe was arrested for the murder and dismemberment of Ana’s body. 

Walshe appeared in Quincy District Court in Massachusetts on Wednesday morning, a day after prosecutors filed charges on him for murder and improper handling and transport of human remains.

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Prosecutors had evidence they say proves that Walshe indeed murdered his wife around New Year before he dismembered and then disposed her body. Authorities retrieved a knife with blood on it in the basement, along with a hacksaw, hatchet, rugs, a COVID vaccine card with his wife’s name written on it at a trash site in a dumpster taken out from his mother’s apartment complex. 

Prosecutors also say Walshe’s internet history also points towards his involvement in the murder. He searched for “how to dispose of a female body that weighs 115 pounds”, “How long before a body starts to smell” and “How to stop a body from decomposing,” the last two being searched from his son’s iPad. 

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Walshe was also captured on surveillance camera at Home Depot buying cleaning products, tarps and mops.

Ana Walse, a mother of three went missing on New Year’s day but her disappearance was brought to the notice of law authorities on January 4. 

Brian Walshe is a known fraudster, who maneuvered to secretly dispose Ana’s body and mislead the authorities about the whereabouts. 

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Before the two tied a knot, Anna called the authorities, telling them that Mr. Walshe had been threatening to kill her. 

Walshe is currently being held without bail.