Bryan Kohberger, a criminology graduate who has been arrested for Idaho quadruple murders may have returned to the crime scene. The surveillance video
was used by the investigators to track a car that was later found to be
registered under Kohberger’s name.

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Authorities of Moscow police believe that Kohberger may
have returned to the crime scene in a white Hyundai Elantra car.

The Moscow authorities reviewed the footage of the surveillance
and saw a white Hyundai Elantra car near the crime scene about five hours before
the massacre took place. Upon further investigation, the authorities got to know
that the white car belonged to Kohberger.

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While searching the phone records, police also
discovered that the criminology graduate’s phone was switched off during the
time of the murder between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. To this, Brett Payne, a corporate
of the Moscow police department said, “This is done by subjects in an effort to avoid alerting
law-enforcement that a cellular device associated with them is within a
particular area where a crime is committed.”

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Joshua Ritter, the prosecutor of Los Angeles County
in an interview also stated, “I think
it just goes to this idea that there is no perfect crime in this day and age.
It is for the most part a fairly circumstantial case. And building that kind of
case requires you to build this kind of tapestry of evidence, which they have
done here in a very remarkable way.”

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The authorities of Moscow police also discovered Kohberger’s
DNA on a knife sheath that was found at the crime scene.

The activity of Kohberger’s mobile phone was also detected a few hours before the
killing took place. The officers also stated that he had been to the area of
the crime location approximately 12 times before the massacre to maybe stalk
his victims.

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Kohberger has been charged with four murder counts and a felony
burglary count and if convicted, he can even face the death penalty.