John Fetterman, US Senator from Pennsylvania, was checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for inpatient treatment for clinical depression. Hours after his staff said the 53-year-old ‘will be back soon’, his post treatment pictures are going viral. 

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Social media users put Fetterman’s pre and post treatment pictures, saying that his ‘face looks totally different’. Some also suspected that the 53-year-old had a plastic surgery done. However, there is no evidence behind this theory.

“Do yall think Fetterman looks a little different?” a Twitter user asked. 

Fetterman was only weeks into his service when he had to be sent for clinical depression treatment. He  was repeatedly targeted by critics during his Pennsylvania camaign.

“He’ll be back soon, at least over a week, but soon,” spokesperson Joe Calvello said Thursday.

When asked about Fetterman’s return, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “We want to give him the space to recuperate. He needs it, it’s fair, it’s right. There are other people in the Senate who have taken their time to recuperate but I’m confident he’s going to come back and be an outstanding and fine senator.”

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The Pennsylvania politician had a stroke last May. He was campaigning in the Democratic primary race. He said that the stroke nearly killed him. The 53-year-old had surgery to implant a pacemaker with a defibrillator.

He won the primary while in the hospital. Fetterman then beat GOP’s  Dr Mehmet Oz in November. He was sworn in on January 3.

“I’m just happy he’s getting the time that he needs and most people understand that these things don’t occur over two or three weeks, it takes a little longer,” Senator Bob Casey said.